I would like to personally thank you for stopping by and visiting with us and for your interest in building a better world through the proper application of knowledge.

We are a diverse group of people who came together for the purpose of improving our food supply and the health of people everywhere. As most of us already know, the recent dramatic decline of people’s health is in large part due to the compromised quality of our food and water. We came together with a combined history of almost 50 years of experience of caring for water and in seeking to unlock its mysteries and true potential as a means to reverse this disturbing trend.

The purpose and vision that drives our effort is to deliver water restored to its full potential, that positively impacts the quality of life for humans, animals and plants. Consequently, the implications of enhancing water’s effectiveness by reversing environmentally caused damage are limitless. This passionately held vision is what brought us all together as a team.

We invite you to join us in our mission.

Our main focus is on providing you with reliable test data accomplished with the use of scientific instrumentation such as tensiometers (to measure water’s surface tension), refractometers (measuring “brix” or food nutrient levels), water hardness and turbidity testers, and Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) cameras (revealing biophotonic pulsations of light discharges).

In addition, in an effort to eliminate possible placebo effects, the majority of our testing and development has been done with plants, crops and animals. Plants and animals do not have an agenda, nor are the results influenced by what the subjects “expected,” as in cases where the placebo effect oftentimes contaminates results. It stands to reason that if plants and animals show signs of improved growth, health and well-being in response to structured water, so too will people who are also dependent upon the same inputs to sustain life. While some might argue that is too great a leap in logic, we leave it to you to judge for yourself.


Finally, we will not attempt to “wow” you with esoteric sounding obscure theories. While theorizing is an initial step of scientific inquiry, its proper function is to spur the development of hypotheses which are then tested by controlled studies to produce replicable data bearing on the accuracy of the hypotheses and ultimately, perhaps, supporting the theory. 

Our approach has been to look to the natural world and observe how nature itself treats water. Our theories and hypotheses about what might be possible are guided by the effort to as closely as possible mimic what nature does. Nature works most efficiently when left to itself, unaffected by the unnatural and deleterious assaults caused by people. Given that observation, it makes sense that in order to reverse the damage done by man, that we need only observe and analyze nature for clues as to how things were designed to work, and then implement the cures. This has been the driving force behind the concepts that have resulted in the Rainmaker H20 technology. On the other hand, theorizing and speculations should not be used as “smoke and mirrors” or “slight of hand” sales gimmicks. We will present what we have seen in our research and distinguish between observable results and speculations only when or if it becomes necessary to “fill in the gaps,” and always with prior notification.

The truth is that water is being revealed as being very complex and capable of things beyond our ordinary scientific understanding. We have results about WHAT renewed or restructured water can do. However, as to exactly HOW and WHY water can accomplish the things it does is, for the present moment and in many cases, way beyond our ability to adequately explain. Accordingly, throughout our web site we will present the results for WHAT water can do, provide cases where others have experienced the WHAT, and offer our best understanding as to HOW it happens in easily understood language. Then, for those that have an interest in more technical scientific explanations and theories, we will present that type of information in the WHY sections.

About Water

splashynessWhat comes to mind when you think of water? Most of us have realized since childhood that we drink it, play in it, use it for cleaning our bodies and environment, and grow our food, trees and plants in it. But what do we really know about it beyond the simple fact that it is “wet”?

As with most significant advances in science, probing the nature and capabilities of water has been met with considerable resistance from the status quo and the skeptical. Similar to the resistance faced by Copernicus and Galileo, today we find the keepers of the status quo exerting enormous pressure against advances in understanding the complex nature of water. 

There are those who hold to the bias that water cannot be altered or structured. To be fair, many of those people are probably not used to looking at water through the lens of quantum physics. Rather, they view the subject through the eyes of conventional wisdom, similar to when we once saw the world as being flat. To cite an extreme case of resistance from the status quo regarding the true nature of water, there is a web site solely dedicated to trying to debunk any idea that water can be structured, or that structured or organized water can have any positive beneficial effect, the overwhelming mountain of empirical evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

For those still inclined to be skeptical of changing the structure of water, we offer you the following 8 points to ponder. As you consider these easily observed behaviors of water, you may find that your preconceptions of what water is and what it does are seriously challenged.

cloud1. Consider clouds. Look up and see the shape and distribution of clouds. Common sense suggests that when water evaporates from the surface of the earth in the form of vapor that it should become evenly distributed in the atmosphere. Yet clouds do not show an even distribution of water molecules. Indeed, clouds are formed from clusters or clumps of water molecules. Individual clouds have clear space between them where you can see the blue sky. If water cannot be organized or structured, how is this unexpected behavior of water to be explained? 

2. Consider Jello which is composed of over 95% water by weight. Why doesn’t some or all of that water run out when you turn the bowl of Jello upside down?

3. Consider a stream of water bent by static electricity. How and why does that happen? 

4. Consider the water molecule itself: Why is it a liquid at room temperature when the much heavier molecule of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a gas?

beaker5. Consider the water bridge: How (and more importantly why) does the water climb the sides of the glass container to join with its companion water in the other glass? 

6. Why is water the ONLY substance on earth that expands when it freezes? 

7. Why (if water is nothing more a simple collection of randomly spaced molecules that move freely about within a container), is it the ONLY substance on earth that can not be compressed?

8. And have you ever considered the surface tension of water?

surfacetensionAfter considering these unusual behaviors of water, the obvious question for skeptics is: Do you still think water cannot be organized or structured, or that perhaps there is something else going on here that most of us never even thought about before?

About our Products

We believe Rainmaker H2O’s product line is the most advanced, well-engineered and effective solution for structuring water in the world. It has resulted from years of dedicated work on the part of the core team, scientists, engineers and passionate others. In addition to the water treatment devices, we have created products which address issues of dangerous frequencies ambient in our environment. While we are proud of the results, it is not right that we take all of the credit. Instead, we have stood on the shoulders of many who have gone before us and dedicated their lives to unlocking the mysteries of water. Without their dedicated inquiry, for which they often received the scorn of those defending the status quo of science, none of this would have been possible. So it is fitting that we thank them and share the credit for these advancements in realizing the true potential of water that is the Rainmaker H2O™.

We have shared our commitment to provide you with honest reasons and explanations about the Rainmaker H2O™ products. As you know, it is easy to just say things. Our assurances to you are backed up by 100% money back guarantees. If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return your Personal, Domestic and Commercial products within 90 days for a full refund. Agricultural products can be returned after a growing season if you are not completely satisfied, again, for a full refund – no questions asked.

About our Prices

We want you to know that we will always be offering our complete line of products to you, our customers, for the lowest prices possible, without us going broke, obviously. While we want to make money (who doesn’t?), money is not now, nor will it ever be, the primary motivation behind what we do. You have our pledge that we will always be fair with you in everything that we do, and we’re not ashamed to say it. But with that being said, please understand that our products are not the cheapest to buy. As we all know – quality always costs more.

About our Web Site

Our Web Site is organized into categories according to where the products will be used: Personal, Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural – so that you do not have to sort through information that is not pertinent to your interest.

Within each of the 4 category sections you will find 6 drop down navigation links:

1. Uses and Benefits 

     This starting section will tell you what the products will do for you.

2. Results

     In this section you will find results pertaining to what the products do.

3. How They Work 

     Provides easy to understand explanations in plain English about how the products work to produce the results they achieve.

4. Why they Work

     This is where you will find references, research and explanations from a more technical or science-based perspective.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

     Coming soon.

6. Products


About our Distributors

Just so you know, we are manufacturers and we’re really good at it. But we’re not very good at selling. And so, we hired the best people we could find to help you along in your buying experience. Just like our products, each and every one of our authorized Distributors and Dealers comes with a (100% satisfaction guarantee?) if not completely satisfied. And if you do ever experience a problem with anything we say or do, I want you to write me personally and I’ll take care of it for you myself. 

And one more thing about our Distributors and Dealers. They really are the best and we celebrate that fact. That’s why we strongly encourage that you buy directly through them. But if after all of what I just told you, you still insist on buying directly from us, please know that you will be paying more.

Thank you for taking the time to read about who we are and what we do. Hopefully, this information will make your exploration of Rainmaker H20 easier and far more rewarding for you as you begin this exciting new journey of discovery with us. 

To your health.